The Complete Guide Parrot Care - Tips to Maintain Parrots

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The Complete Guide Parrot Care - Tips to Maintain Parrots - Various basic knowledge you need to have if you want to maintain a parrot. Parrots can live to over 75 years, so maintain it requires a long-term commitment.

You should know what kind of parrot before buying it to find out which species are suitable.

Parrot Care Tips

Here are general tips to maintain a parrot:

1. Clean the parrot cage regularly, even daily if necessary. Clean the cage of dirt, feathers, or food scraps.

2. Give parrot fresh water at least once a day.

3. Parrot feed twice a day. Each type of parrots eat different foods, so be sure to know the most appropriate food for your parrot.

4. Play with parrots. Provide a variety of toys for your pet parrots.

Parrots are intelligent birds at once easily bored if they are not given toys. Parrots are tired of going to stress and will probably start pulling their own feathers.

Parrot Cage Cleaning Tips

Here are some tips to clean the parrot cages:

1. Clean the cage with a wet towel. Parrots generally produce substances such as starch potentially contaminate the cage.

2. Move the parrot from its cage and thoroughly clean the cage at least once a week. You can use a mix of 50/50 bleach and water or dish soap.

Rinse thoroughly and dry cleaners before returning home to parrots move into it.

3. Wash bowl of food and water thoroughly at least once a week.

Parrot Feeding Tips

1. Feed the parrot with a variety of foods. Do not always feed grains because parrots can make parrots too fat.

2. Feed the parrot with fresh fruits and vegetables. Cut fruits and vegetables is about 1 cm before it is given to parrots.

3. Vary the way of presenting food. So that parrots do not get bored, try hanging fresh vegetables instead of cut. Parrot will get a new toy as well as a healthy food.

4. Making bread for parrots. There are a lot of bread recipes for your parrot on the internet. You can also vary the recipe as you wish.

Tips to Play with  Parrot

1. Try to squeeze your parrot to play with every day. Parrots are known to be highly intelligent and social.

2. Make sure the parrot has a lot of toys in his cage. This will keep him busy and not bored when you can not play with him.

3. Make sure the parrot has plenty of toys to chew on. You can buy toys from wood or make your own. A block of wood measuring 15 x 10 x 5 cm will make parrots busy playing for some time.

4. Toys are many and varied also will make the parrot did not spare him speak bored so noisy.

Additional Tips

Parrot that had never been asked to play or do not have enough toys will become bored and start pulling their own feathers.

Not everyone is suitable to maintain parrots. Do a little research to determine what type of parrots are the most suitable for you.

All family members must agree to when you decide to maintain parrots. Parrots need attention and maintaining long-term commitment.

If you have cats, dogs, or other animals, you may need to think again before deciding to maintain parrots.

Parrots and other pets can live together, but you have to watch in order not to attack or injure each other.

If you have small children, consider returning to keep parrots.

Young children tend to be a lot of action and speak loudly or shout when playing. It is certainly normal for children but can create fear parrot.

Parrot may not be completely benign. Parrots can bite you. So, be prepared to be bitten and provide medicine box.