Recognizing Cat Tips: Know the 3 Types of Siamese Cats

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Recognizing Cat Tips: Know the 3 Types of Siamese Cats
Recognizing Cat Tips: Know the 3 Types of Siamese Cats - Siamese cat (Siamese Cat) is a type of short-haired domestic cat derived from Siam, now Thailand.

Siamese cat is known to secrete a variety of sounds and screams. Siamese cat born without a particular color or pattern. Colors and patterns of their hair will grow as they mature.

Dark colors show up in the ears, muzzle, legs, and tail them. Many people think there is only one type of Siamese cats.

In fact, there are actually three types of Siamese cats who all have a similar appearance.

Here are three types of Siamese cats:

1. Traditional Siamese cats (Traditional Siamese Cat)

Traditional Siamese cat called Applehead Siamese because of the shape of his head like an apple. The name was proposed by The Traditional Cat Association, Inc..

Rounded body weight and bone of Traditional Siamese cat with a round head match. Traditional Siamese cats-the biggest among the three types of Siamese cats.

2. Classic Siamese cat (Siamese Cat Classic)

Classic Siamese cat called Old-Style Siamese cat. Classic Siamese cats have a similar appearance to the type of traditional Siamese cats, but they are much smaller.

Classic Siamese cats have a tail and longer legs, and his appearance is more elongated than the Traditional Siamese cat.

Classic Siamese cats have a face that looks more like a triangle with a small basin in the nose. This breed of cat known to have fewer health problems.

3. Modern Siamese cats (Modern Siamese Cat)

Modern Siamese cat or Siamese Wedgehead is the only type of Siamese cats that have been genetically engineered.

Modern Siamese cat is the result of a cross between a Siamese cat with a Siamese cat Traditional Classic. Modern types of Siamese cats are easily recognizable because his head is shaped like a wedge.

Large, pointed ears and a long nose to her slenderness, making modern Siamese cats have a memorable appearance.

Unfortunately, this type of cat is not as healthy as Traditional and Classic Siamese cats, and have a tendency to shorter life.

Modern Siamese cat life expectancy ranges from two to five years.


The third type of Siamese cat has the same pattern and color. Siamese cat color patterns including the red dot (red point), seal point, chocolate point, blue point, gray point, and lilac point.

All types of Siamese cats have blue eyes. Siamese cats are known for loyalty, intelligence and curiosity.