4 Tips to Recognize Your Parrot is Sick

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4 Tips to Recognize Your Parrot is Sick
4 Tips to Recognize Your Parrot is Sick - Parrot can not tell you when they feel sick.

Symptoms of a sick parrot is sometimes difficult to identify. Most parrot disease caused by malnutrition or stress.

The best way to detect the disease is to know your parrots and determine whether the parrots behaving normally or not.

Here are some signs and symptoms that indicate your pet parrot is sick:

1. Note the behavior of parrots.

Notice if so less parrot voiced or stop jumping around and just sits silent.

Parrot that was agile then suddenly become less active could indicate there is something wrong.

Another example of abnormal behavior are parrots be shivering when the weather is not cold, stopped eating and drinking, and all of a sudden started to become aggressive or cranky.

Head falls limp parrots can also be a sign of illness, while increasing its tail bobbing movements could mean a parrot having trouble breathing.

2. Note the parrot droppings.

Normally parrots remove dirt quite a lot. Even though it feels a little icky, consider the parrot droppings associated with color and consistency.

When unusual parrot droppings, parrot likely to experience problems.

3. Note the eating and drinking habits of parrots.

If the parrot changing eating and drinking habits of a sudden, the parrot may be sick and not feeling well.

4. Pay attention to other physical signs.

Nose or watery eyes, hair disheveled, limping leg is swollen or signs of disease in parrots.

If it turns out the sick parrot, for some cases you may be able to take care of themselves.

However, for more severe cases, immediately take your pet parrot to the vet to get proper treatment.