MRI Scan Tips - 6 Steps to Read Brain MRI Results

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MRI Scan Tips - 6 Steps to Read Brain MRI Results - Magnetic resonance imaging machine (magnetic resonance imaging) or MRI works by taking cross-sectional images of the brains front, top and sides to give a complete picture of the brain.

MRI Scan Tips - 6 Steps to Read Brain MRI ResultsRead the brain images are presented in the MRI is not difficult, but still required a comprehensive understanding of the anatomy of the brain.

Anatomy book can be used as a reference to identify the components of the brain in a healthy state.

However, for a more accurate interpretation, remains required reading by radiologists.

Here's how to read the results of MRI brain:

1. Place the MRI films in front of a light source so that the image is contrast.

2. In the MRI films, the brain is the area that looks gray, with dark parts represent the cerebrospinal fluid and sinus cavities.

3. Use an anatomy book as a reference to identify and compare the major anatomical components of the brain that are represented in the MRI image.

4. Try to identify the frontal cortex, temporal lobe, and occipital lobes in the skull base on MRI films.

5. Compare the MRI images on film with normal brain anatomy from anatomy books to determine the area nonsimetrikal (nonsymmetrical) that have different colors, shapes, and sizes with normal brain.

6. Nonsymmetrical area that appears darker than normal shows the lesion with leakage of cerebrospinal fluid.

Areas that are almost completely white light indicates the possibility of a tumor.

Additional Tips

A qualified radiologist should read the MRI for a more accurate interpretation.

Consult a physician after knowing the results of an MRI to determine the follow-up if needed.