Tips enzyme - Pepsin Uses for Industry & Research

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Tips enzyme - Pepsin Uses for Industry & Research
Tips enzyme - Pepsin Uses for Industry & Research - Pepsin is a digestive enzyme produced in the stomach. Enzymes are chemicals, usually proteins, which catalyze biochemical reactions.

Pepsin is formed in an acidic environment which is also a kind of protection for the stomach.

In addition to the digestive enzymes, enzymes are also widely used in various industrial applications.

Here are a variety of uses pepsin for industrial and scientific research:

Protein modification for Food

Pepsin break down proteins into water-soluble fragments called peptone (peptone).

Although this usually occurs in the stomach, but this process can also be done commercially in the reaction vessel.

Partial digestion with pepsin widely used in food industry applications, for example in the processing of soy protein and gelatin.

Pepsin is also used as a substitute for rennet in cheese production specific.

Leather industry

Pepsin is widely used in the leather industry to remove the remaining tissue such as hair and fat.

The use of pepsin is also intended to improve the quality of the skin and make it softer.

Scientific Research

Pepsin is used to cleave antigen antibody into simpler fragments for biological and medical research as well as for practical applications.

This treatment reduces the tendency of antibodies to interact with other immune cells. This makes antibodies to be easier to learn.