Knowing Some Types of Migraine - Health Tips

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Knowing Some Types of Migraine
Migraine attack (migraine) can be very excruciating.

Most people assume every migraine is the same. But in fact, migraines are not just consist of one type only.

Here are some types of migraine that you should know:

1. Migraine exertion

This type of migraine occurs when someone is doing too much physical activity combined with dehydration.

This type of migraine occurs most frequently when a person is exercising or when doing weight training.

2. retinal Migraine

Retinal migraine causes sufferers to temporarily lose vision. Vision loss can occur even before the attacks of pain.

3. hemiplegic Migraine

This type of migraine symptoms rather scary. A person suffering from hemiplegic migraine will experience temporary paralysis on the affected side of the body of a migraine.

4. Ophtalmoplegic Migraine

Ophtalmoplegic migraine is a migraine attack with the longest time.

Attacks usually begins with pain around the eyes and continuing to migraine disappeared. This type of migraine can also be accompanied by blurred vision.

5. Noctural Migraine

This type of migraine generally attacks at night. The pain appears to awaken people from their sleep. The good news, nocturnal migraine is rare.

6. Basilar Artery Migraine

Migraines are generally attacked teenage girl or young woman. Migraines are caused by basilar artery constrict, causing dizziness, vomiting and even interfere with the ability to speak.

7. abdominal Migraine

Interestingly, abdominal migraine does not cause head pain. Migraines usually cause abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting. This type of migraine is common in adolescents.