7 tips for basic SEO Onpage

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7 tips for basic SEO Onpage

Onpage SEO is the art of optimizing a website or blog, to please the search engines.

Onpage named as adjusted is the place itself, not by external websites like finding backlinks or post to social bookmarks.

The search engine will find pages that best enter the search terms that user.

Therefore, it is important that the keywords that are searched for at least more than 1000 times a month goal.

So it would be pointless to optimize the page with the keyword with little or no demand.

Here are seven onpage SEO tips that you can use to ensure that search engines notice your site to a particular search term.

First. Buying a domain name for phrases or keywords that you shoot.

For example, if the keyword is "yoga poses" the ideal domain name poseyoga.com.

If you can not get exactly the same name, try using a hyphen or add extensions as poseyogaplus.com word.

You can use a prefix word but suffix words tend to rank higher in the search engines.

Two. Make sure that your keywords appear at the beginning.

It has done himself, if the domain name contains the keywords already. But if not, you can create Onpage SEO on sub-pages. For example, you would have a URL like domainanda.com / yoga poses.

Three. Make sure that your keywords keywords displayed in the website name and the meta tag.

If you do not know what that means, you need a web developer to make sure that you understand this matter.

Tag keyword may not be as important as the first, but still fit for use as part of the strategy to your onpage SEO.

Four. Enter the keyword positions (sub-headings and the title of the article).

If you order several levels of headings, such as Heading 1 (H1), the Title 2 (2), etc put the keywords, it will attract the attention of search engines.

Ideally you should use the keyword in the title at least 1, Heading 2, and Heading 3

Five. Create keyword prominence.

Create keyword prominence, that she is bold, italic or underlined. Search engines consider words with special format as something important.

Six. If you have an image on a web page, enter a keyword into the "alt" tags.

If you do not have a picture, you can find relevant to your article images. You can not only use it to promote onpage, but it can also add appeal to readers articles.

Seven. Create a keyword appears in the first sentence and the last sentence in your article.

Search engines often pay more attention to the beginning and the end of the article content. It is important to increase your onpage SEO.