10 Ways Persian Cat Bathing - Tips to Maintain Cats

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10 Ways Persian Cat Bathing - Tips to Maintain Cats
10 Ways Persian Cat Bathing - Tips to Maintain Cats - Persian cats have long, silky hair that needs special care.

Although Persian cats often lick their fur as how to care for hair, extra care by the owner is still required.

Caring for fur (combed) regularly will remove loose hair and make the hair does not tangle.

In addition to combing, bathing the Persian cats are also needed, especially if they are located outside the room.

Dust and dirt will easily contaminate the fur of cats and disturbing beauty as well as their health.

Bathing Persian cats can indeed be a challenging job, but with perseverance and a bit of basic knowledge, everything will not be a problem anymore.

Here is a Persian cat bathing tips:

1. Fill the tub with warm water to fill half. Pour 1/2 tsp. liquid dishwashing soap into the tub.

2. Gently place the cat into the water.

Always got this cat while bathing process that does not jump out. Keep the cat's head is not exposed to water.

3. Pour water into the body of a cat with cups. Do not rub your hair because it will only make it become tangled.

Quite smooth feathers downward. Do not let water get into the ear, mouth, eyes, or nose your Persian cat.

4. After that, let the cat's body submerged in water for about one minute.

5. Discard the water from the tub. Continue to cling to the cat.

6. Refill the tub with warm water to rinse the cat in half of the rest of the soap.

Pour water on the body of a cat with fur cup and rub in one direction (toward the bottom). Body soak in water for one minute.

7. Lift the cat out of the tub. Squeeze the cat hair gently to remove excess water.

8. Body towel cat with a soft towel.

Use more than one towel if necessary to make sure the excess water can be absorbed everything.

9. Cat hair comb with a metal comb to avoid tangles.

10. Blow dry cat fur and use the lowest heat. Dry the hair one section at a time.

Continue to dry fur other parts of your Persian cat.