6 Tips to Give Eat Guinea pig - Maintain guinea pig

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6 Tips to Give Eat Guinea pig - Maintain guinea pig
6 Tips to Give Eat Guinea pig - Maintain guinea pig - Properly caring for guinea pig cage covers provide a clean, adequate water, and food that meet all nutritional needs.

Just give the pellets will not provide all the nutritional requirements.

Various additional diet necessary for guinea pigs can always active and healthy.

1. If available, feed the guinea pigs timothy hay. Check the availability of this food at a pet store.

Timothy hay is ideal used as a staple food for guinea pigs. Generally, the color green, the better timothy hay for guinea pigs.

2. Make sure guinea pigs get at least 10 mg of vitamin C every day.

Vitamin C requirement can be met from a supplement or from foods such as cabbage, kale, or orange.

Vitamin C is enough to make guinea pigs stay healthy.

3. Add bran to foods guinea pigs. Offering bran fiber and other nutrients that are beneficial to guinea pigs.

4. Guinea pigs fed with green vegetables. Choose fresh parsley, mustard greens, radishes, spinach, watercress, or grasses. Green vegetables can act as a laxative.

If after being given the green vegetables guinea pigs have diarrhea or digestive problems, reduce or stop providing the food.

5. Be careful when giving marmot nuts or seeds.

When giving nuts, be sure to peel it first.

Peanut skin can cause choking and difficult to digest by marmots.

Although nuts and seeds good for guinea pigs, too much food can cause health problems and made ​​guinea pigs has increased excess weight.

6. Feed the guinea pig with cucumber, broccoli, and carrots.

Vegetables have a high water content which can help prevent dehydration.

Fruits such as apples (without seeds supplied) or apricots would be good also serve snack for guinea pigs.

Additional Tips

Do not feed your guinea pig apple seeds, potatoes, or beans because it can cause poisoning of guinea pigs.

Do not feed your guinea pig nuts or seeds remaining intact skin or celery because it can cause choking.