Information About Pregnancy on Guinea pig - Guinea pig Maintenance Tips

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Information About Pregnancy on Guinea pig - Guinea pig Maintenance Tips - Guinea pig gestation period is a period of high risk for both mother and baby guinea pigs.

Information about a variety of things to know about guinea pigs when you want to farm or accidentally buy pregnant guinea pigs.

Here is the basic information about pregnancy marmot.


Guinea pig can become pregnant when it was only 4 weeks, while the male guinea pigs could impregnate a female at the age of 3 weeks.

Have a female guinea pig estrous cycle every 15 to 17 days. Guinea pig babies will be born once in the womb between 59-73 days.

Female guinea pig is pregnant when she was too young to difficulties during the period of pregnancy due to the body is still growing.

Female guinea pig should begin to conceive after more than 8 months of age.


Guinea pig can give birth to between one and seven children, but most parent gave birth between two to five babies.

Normal birth weight baby guinea pigs ranged from 70 to 100 grams.

Risk Parent Marmot

Pregnancy is risky for female guinea pig. There is a chance of about 20 percent female guinea pig will die from complications of pregnancy.

Babies born to have perfect hair and limb so that the parent guinea pigs require a large energy during the birth process.

birth Defects

Marmot children can experience death or congenital abnormalities if both parents have type color 'roan' and 'dalmatian'.

Parent couples who like this can cause a variety of health problems, including blindness, tooth decay and gastrointestinal problems in the birth of children.


Because of the high risk, you are advised not to breed guinea pigs if not already doing so.

The easiest way to avoid pregnancy is to not put a male and female guinea pigs in a cage.

Sterilization efforts can also be done but should be done by professionals such as veterinarians.