Maintain Marmot - Marmot Nail Cutting Tips

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Maintain Marmot - Marmot Nail Cutting Tips
Maintain Marmot: Marmot Nail Cutting Tips - Marmot may not enjoy nail cutting session, but guinea pigs nails require regular maintenance.

Cut guinea pig nails is not a difficult job.

Armed with basic information, you will be able to do it yourself at home.

Guinea pig nails need to be trimmed at least once a month to keep him healthy.

Information about Marmot

1. Guinea pigs have four toes on the front foot and three fingers on the back foot.

2. Guinea pig has the ability toenails grow continuously.

That's because, nails need to be trimmed on a regular basis so as not to grow too long.

3. Not all guinea pigs feet perfectly. Some guinea pigs may have physical abnormalities to be considered.

Nails cut Marmot

1. Be prepared to cut guinea pig nails put on your lap with a guinea pig stomach or side facing up.

2. Hold the guinea pig around the stomach so as not to move much.

3. Use nail clippers to cut guinea pigs nails on the front and rear legs.

4. Cut about ½ cm long nail or skin before reaching the border between the nails.

Additional Tips

You can put a little cornstarch when accidentally cut guinea pig nails are too long so that injure the skin of guinea pigs.

If the dark-colored guinea pig nails, it would be difficult to find the line between the nails with skin.

Use your best judgment and keep careful.