Tip a Cat - How to Buy a Persian Cat

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Tip a Cat - How to Buy a Persian Cat
Tip a Cat - How to Buy a Persian Cat - To get the best Persian cat you should know some basic information before buying one.

Here are tips on buying a Persian cat that you can make as a basic guide:

1. Find out information about the various types of Persian cat breed.

Each type of breed has different properties with regard to behavior, types of care, health conditions, and other factors.

Make sure all this information is very important so that you can choose the most appropriate Persian cat.

2. Choose hair color that you like best. Persian cats have different types of hair colors.

Persian Cats also have a variety of face shapes. Two of the best known is the shape of the face doll (dolls) or flat shape (average) is more traditional.

3. Find additional information about Persian cats and how to treat them in a club or a Persian cat lovers via the internet.

4. Find breeders or pet stores that have this type of Persian cat that you liked.

Visit them to see as well ask a question.

5. Before buying, check the physical condition of the fellow Persian cat of your choice.

Make sure there are no physical abnormalities or serious health problems.

6. Find information about how to care for Persian cats.

Persian cat fur is thick and long course requires a separate treatment to keep it looking healthy and beautiful.

Get tips from the seller or from the internet on how to properly care for Persian cats.

If possible, ask the seller to demonstrate how to comb hair, clean face, clean up tears, and other treatments.

7. If possible, get all the records or a history of Persian cats of sellers that include vaccination records, certificates, and other papers.

8. Have the phone number of the seller so you can contact them at any time if you need help.

Additional Tips

Persian cat wherever possible buy only from certified sellers. Avoid buying cheap precious Persian cat.

Price too low is one indication of a cat is not a breed of pure strains.