Tips to Maintain Guinea pigs - 7 Ways to Take Care of Guinea pigs

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Tips to Maintain Guinea pigs - 7 Ways to Take Care of Guinea pigs
Marmut in Indonesia (Guinea pigs) is a nice pet for both children and adults.

benign, guinea pigs do not require complex treatment.

If cared for properly, guinea pigs can live long enough to be able to accompany you for many years.

Here are some tips on caring for your pet guinea pig:

1. choosing a Cage

Choose the right cage for your guinea pig. Choose a cage that has enough space for pigs to move around in it comfortably.

Never put guinea pigs in an aquarium that no air vents or in wire cages because it could hurt them.

2. Beds are Non Toxic

Only use materials that are not toxic to the base enclosure.

Guinea pigs love to chew and will chew anything that is in the cage.

Therefore, all objects in the cage should not be toxic to guinea pigs prevent illness or poisoning.

3. food

Feed the pigs every day. Available guinea pig food that can be bought in stores, but it is important to supplement the diet with green vegetables such as spinach and lettuce.

You can also provide fresh fruit like apple slices or grapes as a snack for guinea pigs.

4. straw

Provide hay in the cage of guinea pigs. The straw is usually used to make nests and snacks made ​​by marmots.

5. Drinking Water Supply

Always provide fresh water for your guinea pig. The best way is to provide a water container attached to the cage.

Check the water containers periodically to make sure there are no leaks.

6. Cage hygiene

Keep your guinea pig cage. Although guinea pigs are also trying to maintain the cleanliness of the cage, but they still need your help.

7. Marmot Fur Care

Brush or comb hair guinea pig with a small comb.

Marmot fur is relatively short so it does not require an elaborate sweeping like a hairy animal and length (eg Persian cat).

Perform maintenance marmot will also give you time to bond with him.

Additional Tips

Guinea pigs need vitamin C, therefore, make sure they get enough vitamin C.

Find out about what should and should not be eaten by pigs.

Some foods can make them very sick. For example, guinea pigs can eat lettuce but eating lettuce can make them sick.

Do not leave your guinea pig alone with other animals, including cats or dogs.