How to Maintain Persian Cats - Persian Cat Feeding Tips

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How to Maintain Persian Cats - Persian Cat Feeding Tips
How to Maintain Persian Cats - Persian Cat Feeding Tips - Persian cat has a sensitive stomach and would vomit if they are not fed properly.

Suggested that Persian cats fed raw or mostly raw foods for optimal stomach health.

Raw Food Diet

Raw food diet consists of a variety of raw food for cats which includes the Persian chicken, ground beef, and more.

Raw foods are considered more suitable for Persian cats because of their resemblance with their food in the wild if not tamed.

That's because, cat's stomach will be easier to process raw food.


Raw food diet will give you more energy on Persian cats, reduce body odor, helps cats maintain a healthy weight, and improve dental health.

Health risks

Potentially contain raw meat germs and bacteria, causing the Persian cat at risk of contracting the disease.

To reduce the risk of poisoning and disease, wasting the rest of inedible meat and meat supplies store in the refrigerator.

type of Food

Raw food diet consists of various types of meat, depending on what meat you most like Persian cats, cats can be chicken, beef, or frozen mice.

Introduce Raw Foods

Persian cats tend to be picky when it comes to food because their sensitive stomachs.

Raw foods should be introduced gradually, especially if the cat is used to the canned food.

The first step of habituation can begin by giving a Persian cat meat is cooked (boiled) and then gradually mix it with raw foods.

Increase the composition of raw food to your cat used to eating all raw foods given.