Know Signs of Rabbit Pregnancy - Tips to Maintain Rabbit

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Know Signs of Rabbit Pregnancy - Tips to Maintain Rabbit
Know Signs of Rabbit Pregnancy - Tips to Maintain Rabbit - Rabbits important role in the food chain as prey for a predator.

Therefore, the rabbit is an animal that multiply quickly and efficiently. So, if the doe is in contact with the male, large enough chances to become pregnant.

Is a female rabbit is pregnant or not, only a vet can know with accuracy.

However there are some signs of pregnancy in rabbits that you can see.

Here are the signs of pregnancy in rabbits:

1. Increased Consumption of Food

Pregnant rabbits usually eat more. About two weeks before giving birth, the rabbit will consume more food to provide nutrients for the baby.

In addition, a pregnant rabbit will also be a lot of drinking. However, this condition is not a sign of one hundred percent accurate because not all rabbits do this.

2. Increased Abdominal Size

In the third week of pregnancy, the size of the rabbit belly began to swell. However, enlargement of the abdomen is not necessarily always visible.

To know for sure, which is called palpitations pregnancy test needs to be done. Palpitations done by palpating the abdomen rabbit to feel like a form of a ball about the size of an olive.

This examination should be performed by a veterinarian or you follow the instructions and proper technique so that no harm to the baby rabbits.

3. Aggressive behavior

Female rabbits will be growling or aggressive behavior if they are pregnant. Female rabbits began to show behavior that she felt uncomfortable and will be more rested.

Female rabbits tend to run away or growling to the spouse. Recommended to move if the male rabbit doe was pregnant because it was feared they would fight and injure the baby rabbits.

4. nidificate

Pregnancy when staying two or three days, the female rabbit will start to make a nest. Rabbits usually pull out their feathers and collect any material that could be made nest.

You can test by placing a pile of hay in the cage and see if the doe use to make a nest or not.

Most female rabbit fur may not be revoked until a few hours before giving birth.