Tips on Keeping animals Rabbit - Rabbit Development Phase

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Tips on Keeping animals Rabbit - Rabbit Development Phase
Tips on Keeping animals Rabbit - Rabbit Development Phase - Understanding the nature and stage of life of rabbit reproduction can help make your rabbit healthy and agile.

Here are the 5 stages of development in the life of the rabbit:

1. neonatal

Rabbits are mammals, meaning that started to develop in the womb from their mother.

Life starts from a rabbit egg from the female parent is fertilized by the sperm of the male rabbit is called a zygote.

The fertilized egg is then split into blastokis (blastocyst).

Blastokis then turns into an embryo and continues to grow until the time of the birth. Rabbits need around 31 days from conception (fertilization) until birth.

2. Post Christmas

Baby rabbit still naked hairless, blind, and deaf at birth. Baby rabbits rely entirely on their mother.

No need to worry if the mother rabbit is rarely seen with her baby. Mother rabbit will not lie down with their babies as well as dogs and cats because rabbits do not want to attract the attention of predators to their nests.

This also happens even though no wild animals around them. Rabbits will take care of their babies once or twice a day.

Check the baby rabbits to see if they were okay and check the occurrence of abdominal distension or not.

If the baby rabbit abdominal distention visible (bulging out), it shows the parent rabbits are not appropriate in feeding their babies.

3. Weaning period

Baby rabbits weaned from their mother at the age of three weeks. Before weaning, baby rabbits fed twice a day by the parent.

Parent bunny rabbits to feed the baby breast milk, and when the baby will be weaned, the baby rabbits will be introduced with grass and other foods.

Once weaned, the baby rabbits will not be allowed to drink milk by their mother.

4. leaving the nest

Baby bunny nests usually leave their mother at the age of seven weeks. At this time they will find the nest and find their own territory.

Rabbits are solitary animals, though young rabbits still remain together for long periods of time is not long. After that, the rabbit will find the nest and their own way of life.

5. S'xual maturity

Rabbits reach s'xual maturity at the age of three months. At this time, they will be ready to mate and give birth.

During the mating process, the male rabbit will fight each other to determine which one is more powerful or dominant.

After appearing dominant male rabbits, male rabbits will be dancing with a female rabbit reproductive ends with marriage and a new baby rabbits.