How to Bathe Rabbit - Tips to Maintain Rabbit

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How to Bathe Rabbit - Tips to Maintain Rabbit
How to Bathe Rabbit - Tips to Maintain Rabbit - Most of the rabbits bathe themselves by licking their fur as that of a cat.

Occasionally, the rabbit sat in the litter box so fouled feathers are difficult to clean by themselves.

Most dirt may be cleaned without using water, but others have to use the water because it was already stuck in the butt or a rabbit's foot.

If it is so, you need to bathe a rabbit. Here are tips and how to bathe your pet rabbit:

1. Fill a bucket or tub with lukewarm water as high as 2.5 cm, then enter the rabbit into the bucket. Check the warmth of the water to make sure not to get too hot.

Do not leave your rabbit unattended as it could be he's trying to jump out of the bucket and potentially hurt herself.

2. Bathe rabbit with friends or other family members if possible.

One person holding a rabbit so it does not slip and injure themselves, while others use washlap or soft brush to bathe rabbits.

Just use plain water, do not use soap because it may not be rinsed with clean and will eventually ingested by the rabbit.

3. Lift rabbit out of a bucket with caution, ask your friends or other family members for help.

Be sure to secure the hind legs so that the rabbit is not kicking wildly and broke her back.

You can also take it to the back of his head holding the nape.

4. Rabbits body dry with a towel and wrap the towel to her body so as not to cold.

Pat and his body wrapped in a towel alternately until completely dry. It takes about 1 hour until all the feathers dry.

Could also use a hair dryer (hair dryer) and set it on low heat or slow speed, to dry fur rabbit body.

However, consider the nature of your rabbit. If he is very active, noise may be scary, so use a hair dryer should be avoided.

5. Once dry, brush or comb the fur to make it smooth and fluffy again.

It could be that your rabbit will lick her body again, it also aims to straighten their feathers.