How to Marry Betta Fish - Ornamental Fish Tips

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How to Marry Betta Fish - Ornamental Fish Tips
How to Marry Betta Fish - Ornamental Fish Tips - Betta fish can be bred at home because the process is not too complicated.

Although not difficult, but there are some things that need to be considered in order to run a successful mating process.

Here are tips on betta fish mating:

1. Separate betta betta fish females from males at least a week before mating.

Feed female betta with a variety of foods such as live feed, pellets, and dry feed twice a day.

Replace the water in the container more often with water temperature lukewarm. When a female betta ready to mate, her belly will swell (contains egg) on top of normal size.

2. Let the male betta in the tank for a few days to build spawning nests of small bubbles appear on the surface of the water.

3. Female betta move into the spawning tank. Betta males will begin to aggressively pursuing and biting female betta fins.

If the behavior of a male betta too aggressive so it is feared could kill a female betta, separate them and try again after a few days of this process.

4. The process will continue with a male betta betta started rubbing his body to the female.

At this stage, betta females begin to release eggs into the water which is accompanied by the release of the sperm by the male betta resulting in fertilization.

This process takes approximately 10 to 20 seconds and can be repeated for several hours. Male betta will then take the eggs in her mouth and put it into a bubble nest.

5. Soon after mating, the female betta move from spawning containers so avoid aggressive behavior of the male betta. Let the male betta in a container with the fertilized egg.

6. Within two to three days after mating, the male betta spit will cause the eggs begin to hatch.

7. Move the male betta after two days when children Hickey was able to swim independently.