Skin Tightening: 8 side effects of Botox injections

By on 3:41 PM
side effects of Botox injections
Botox injection is guaranteed to be free of wrinkles and facial lines. But apparently there are many side effects of these cosmetic treatments. What's this? Hear more, as reported from the following women Mag.

foot head
His face will be difficult to exist after Botox injections. One could even say that to be a lot more like a robot. Due to the elasticity of the skin will be reduced by the injection of Botox.

eyebrow Arching
Botox injections are also uneven eyebrows. If the swing is Botox injections procedure is always the look of surprise.

drooping eyelids
This is a side effect of Botox injections second most common. Eyelids tend to fall and look to heavy loads.

heavy forehead
If Botox on the upper surface, end feels harder. Apart from that seemed unnatural, this situation makes you uncomfortable.

This occurs a few hours to weeks after injection of Botox. Botulism occurs when botulinum side effects on other parts of the body removed from the injection. Symptoms of botulism are vision, weakness, loss of voice, and other blurred.

Some point within Botox injections can leave bruises or skin color.

difficult to smile
Research has shown that Botox injections, a person is difficult to smile. This is because the method of injection of Botox usually particular muscles "freeze" in the face and cut off the signal to the brain that a smile can make someone happier.

Other side effects
After the injection, Botox, you will probably also suffer from face, headache, rash and nausea.

This variety of side effects of Botox injections. Although wrinkles on the surface, but not necessarily Botox can make the skin more beautiful and healthy