Making Insect Repellent from lemongrass - Tips Anti Insects

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Making Insect Repellent from lemongrass - Tips Anti Insects
Making Insect Repellent from lemongrass - Tips Anti Insects - Serai (lemongrass) can be used for various purposes ranging from cooking spices, herbal teas made​​, to be used to repel insects.

Insect repellent made ​​from lemon grass easily and effectively protect your family from insect infestation and whether you are at home or on vacation.

In addition to making it easy, lemongrass raw materials can also be found in the market or supermarket nearby.

Here's how to make insect repellent than citronella:

1. Wash the leaves and stalks of lemon grass thoroughly to remove dirt, pesticides, or other chemicals.

Cut the stems and stalks lemongrass roughly the size of your thumb and put in blender.

2. Add 4 tsp. cloves into a blender. Attach lid and turn on the blender. Wait until the mixture is shaped like mush.

Pour puree into a bowl and add a few tablespoons of sunflower oil. Stir until well blended with pureed lemongrass oil.

3. Pour water into a small pan until three-quarters full. Boil the water and turn off the stove.

Place a bowl of porridge lemongrass in hot water from the pan. Cover the bowl, do not let the water into the bowl.

Leave for one hour to take lemongrass puree heated by water. Lift the bowl from the pan and let it cool for an hour.

4. Filter pureed lemongrass lemongrass to remove large debris. Press lemongrass pulp with a spoon when screened to make sure all the juice out.

5. Enter lemongrass water into a spray bottle screening results. Water spray citronella to repel insects.