4 Tips on Interacting with People with HIV Positive

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4 Tips on Interacting with People with HIV Positive
4 Tips on Interacting with People with HIV Positive - You do not have any experience working with people with HIV positive will certainly have questions and concerns.

It is important to show support and positive attitude towards co-workers with HIV-positive because he is likely to experience a variety of emotional distress.

Understand basic information about HIV can help you create a healthy work environment and support for co-workers who have HIV.

Here are tips on interacting with coworkers with HIV positive:

1. Help prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria.

HIV-positive individuals are more susceptible to infectious diseases, so it is very important that you take steps to reduce the spread of infection.

Various efforts can be made to prevent the transmission of viral or bacterial infections such as frequent cleaning tables or work with disinfectant, wash hands with soap before touching people with HIV positive, and do not interact advance when you're sick (eg, flu or cough).

Be careful when preparing food also susceptible to bacteria such as meat or other animal products.

2. Sensitive to the symptoms of health deterioration.

According to the Mayo Clinic, depending on the level of development, symptoms in HIV-positive people include fatigue, fever, vision problems, and chronic headaches.

Co-workers with HIV is clearly not going to be able to handle the same workload with healthy individuals. They may require more frequent time off to recover their health condition.

3. Aware of the emotional needs of co-workers.

Your coworkers may feel depressed and hopeless. Be sure to be sensitive to moods and frustrations they experienced.

HIV is not transmitted when you touch or shake hands with them. Show support because you will not be infected when doing normal interaction with people with HIV.

4. Maintain confidentiality.

Privacy of everyone's health condition needs to be respected.

Never assume that managers or fellow employees already know about the HIV status of your teammates. Do not talk about her HIV status without permission.

Ask your coworkers about the people who already know about his condition if you are in doubt.