How HIV Weaken the Immune System?

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How HIV Weaken the Immune System?
What is HIV?

HIV, or Human Immunodeficiency Virus, is one of the most destructive virus infection in human history.

Responsible for more than 25 million deaths since 1981, HIV can be found in the two strains (strand), with HIV-1 being the most common strain.

HIV is believed to come from primate species in sub-Saharan Africa. Both strains of HIV resistant to various treatment methods so that research continues to be done to find an effective method to treat HIV ..

How is HIV spread?

After 3 decades of medical research, the three main modes of HIV infection has been identified is through sexual contact, blood transmission, and in the womb of the mother to the child.

The most common form of transmission is through sexual intercourse, the risk for women to men by 0.04 percent per action (relationship) and from men to women by 0.08 percent per action.

How to Influence HIV Immune System

The first stage of the HIV cycle is referred to as acute HIV infection.

HIV consists of two RNA and DNA elements that have the ability to directly infect human cells and use one of the components on the chromosome to replicate parts or structures of HIV.

The human immune system consists of two main cell types, namely B cells and T cells Two types of T cells, namely helper and cytotoxic (cytotoxic) are affected by HIV that interfere with the immune system.

T helper cells (CD4) serves as a sort of alarm for cytotoxic cells to attack and kill the cells in the body infected by the virus.

In fact, helper cells had been infected by HIV itself that makes cell cytotoxic killing helper cells as one of the important components of the immune system.

This condition makes the immune system of HIV patients has declined over time. Infection cycle can last up to 10 years that the immune system becomes very weak.

Patients may get sick or even die from a virus and bacteria is weak (not HIV) which under normal conditions can be overcome by the immune system.

The condition commonly known as AIDS, or acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.