Beauty Tips : How to treat nails with Nail Conditioner

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How to treat nails with Nail Conditioner
Many activities can damage the beauty of your nails.

Washing, household chores or office, potentially damaging the nail beauty.

Exposure to water is a major cause of damage to the nail, making it dry and easily broken.

The best way to make your nails stay healthy is to use a nail conditioner.

Hardener nail (nail hardener) or nail polish many claim contains a formula to strengthen or rebuild nails.

While many of these products can serve as a protector, but only a small contribution to keep the humidity nails.

Good nail conditioner should be based / berpelarut oil (oil based). Nail conditioner should also be able to protect the cuticle.

Water will make the nails become dry. Using a water-based treatment products (water based) will only aggravate the condition.

Water-based conditioner will show instant results but does not produce permanent effects. Damaged nails require 8-16 weeks to grow healthy and strong.

Before starting treatment, make sure the nails completely clean, dry and free from moisturizers, lotion or hand cream.

If possible, wait until one hour after the nails are cleaned with water so that the nails are completely dry. Water will reduce the effectiveness of oil-based products.

Apply conditioner to the nail, cuticle and under the fingernails. Let stand 10 minutes to ensure optimal absorption. You can sort the area around the nail so that the conditioner really get into the cuticle and under the nail.

Nail Conditioner can be used at least once or twice a day. If busy, the conditioner can be used before going to bed.

Within a few weeks, these efforts will show results. Nails that grow will be healthier and cuticles will be softer and smoother.

Do this treatment on a regular basis and protect nails from excessive water exposure.