Vegetables Healthy Tips - Facts & Information about Spinach

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Vegetables Healthy Tips - Facts & Information about Spinach
Vegetables Healthy Tips - Facts & Information about Spinach - Spinach is a nutritious green vegetables and low in calories. Spinach is also good for boosting the immune system so that it protects you against a variety of health problems.

Here are the facts and information about the spinach that you should know.


Spinach is thought to have originated from the middle east area which is now the territory of Iran.

In China, records of spinach has been found since 700 BC Nepal king spinach when presented to the emperor of China.

Several centuries later the spinach is popular in Europe and is known as "the Spanish vegetable" in England for many years.

Catherine de Medici is said to bring the chef himself when he married the king of France in order to continue to enjoy the spinach is cooked the way he likes.

choosing Spinach

Fresh spinach still have green leaves, not wilted or brown.

Spinach generally feels a bit sweet when raw, and is sharper when cooked.

Popularly used as a spinach salad or to make a variety of vegetables.


Spinach has many health benefits. Spinach is believed to help prevent cancer, build strong bones, improve digestive health, and prevent heart attacks.

Spinach is also a good source of vitamins C and K. Spinach also be useful as an anti-inflammatory agent which means it has the ability to calm the infected and inflamed.

Some scientists even suspect spinach help prevent problems associated with mental illnesses such as Alzheimer's, dementia, and memory loss.

Allergy Spinach

Cooking spinach, especially if it is too long, it will dramatically reduce levels of nutrients. If you must cook, his course is recommended for steaming and served while still warm.

Although it has many health benefits, some people may experience allergic reactions when eating spinach.

Common allergy symptoms include itching and abdominal pain. If you are allergic to spinach, stop taking them immediately and seek medical help if necessary.