Tips to Relieve Symptoms of Asthma with Antacids

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Tips to Relieve Symptoms of Asthma with Antacids
Tips to Relieve Symptoms of Asthma with Antacids - Recent research in BioMed Central shows that taking an antacid (antacid) during an asthma attack can help treat some of the symptoms of asthma.

During an asthma attack, acid can wake up in the lungs and make asthma symptoms worse.

Despite taking antacids will not completely stop the symptoms of asthma or asthma attack, but at least antacids slow attacks so people have enough time to use or obtain health care.

Here are tips to relieve the symptoms of asthma attacks with antacids:

1. When beginning to feel an asthma attack, try to remain calm. Try to stay relaxed and breathe deeply as possible.

This approach will help people regulate breathing and get more oxygen into the lungs.

2. After steady breathing, immediately taking antacids. No matter whether it is liquid or solid antacid. Drinking antacids according to the dose indicated on the packaging.

3. After taking antacids, keep trying to breathe as deeply as possible. Soon after starting antacids work, breathing should be easier.

4. After feeling quite safe and began breathing regularly, take asthma medications as instructed.

If it is still difficult to breathe after taking antacids and other medications, seek medical help.