Some Causes of Being Bitter Carrots - Healthy Vegetables Tips

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Some Causes of Being Bitter Carrots - Healthy Vegetables Tips
Some Causes of Being Bitter Carrots - Healthy Vegetables Tips - Carrot is a vegetable with a sweet flavor, which contains a lot of vitamin A and fiber.

When harvested, the carrots do not taste sweet sometimes even bitter. Carrots that tasted bitter could be making you feel something is wrong when planting process.

Here are some of the contributing factors why carrots are bitter:

1. High Temperature

Carrots grow best at temperatures between 15-20 degrees Celsius as the cold temperatures, including vegetables.

According to the University of Missouri, carrots will taste bitter when the temperature reaches over 27 degrees Celsius because of the sugar in carrots may not be formed or terpenoids are still high in carrots.

2. Yellow daisies Disease

Aster yellow disease can occur in carrots as Aster leafhopper.

According to the Missouri Botanical Garden, while eating fleas infected plants, saliva being inoculated with the pathogen and can spread the disease when consuming healthy plants.

The leaves will begin to turn yellow carrots, carrots slowed the growth, and become bitter carrot roots. Roots would also have fluff and lack color (pale).

The disease is usually treated by removing the infected and control of carrot psyllid by covering plants with gauze pads (hollow).

Missouri Botanical Garden are also advised to get rid of weeds because it may contain diseases.

3. Harvesting Too Early

According to the World Carrot Museum, pull carrots out of the ground while still young and tender (tender) can cause bitter or taste like soap.

Different varieties of carrots will have more number of terpenoids, which will be formed before the sugar in carrots is formed.

If harvested while still young, carrots may not contain enough sugar, causing it to be bitter.

Under normal growth conditions, mostly carrots mature or adult in 60-70 days after planting.

4. Inappropriate storage

Once harvested, the carrots should be stored properly to keep it fresh. The best place to store carrots in the fridge and was kept out of the apple and pear.

This is due to the release of ethylene gas from fruits can cause carrots bitter.

Cut the carrot tops and store in a perforated plastics bags in the refrigerator for three to four weeks.

The green color on the ends of carrots usually only lasted two to three days because after that will be colored orange and carrot should be kept separate from the other.