Beauty Tips: Use of Beta Carotene on Beauty Products

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Beauty Tips: Use of Beta Carotene on Beauty Products
Beauty Tips: Use of Beta Carotene on Beauty Products - Anti-aging (anti-aging) always claim to be able to reverse the signs of aging and make the skin look younger.

With a wide range of skin care products on the market, consumers should be smart when choosing which products are really effective and safe.

Many skin care products comes with the words 'magic' as antioxidants, provitamin A, and beta carotene.

Identify Health / Science

Beta carotene is found in many fruits and vegetables, a precursor of vitamin A.

Beta carotene is primarily responsible for the quality of pigmentation, such as orange color in carrots.

Beta carotene is also considered a beneficial antioxidant to protect the damage of free radical reactions that trigger cancer and skin aging.

Uses for Cosmetics

For cosmetic use, beta carotene are usually synthesized from vitamin A. Beta carotene is also often referred to as "provitamin A."

Beta carotene is used in various cosmetic products such as cleansers, moisturizers, aftershave lotions, bath products, makeup, hair care products, and skin care products.

In hair care products, "provitamin A" used to treat brittle hair and split ends.

In skin care products, beta-carotene is used for its antioxidant properties as a protective skin from sun damage, and its ability to repair, and prevent premature aging of the skin.

Beta Carotene on Skin Cream

Dermatologists use beta carotene because of its ability to regenerate skin's outer layer, making it effective for skin diseases and conditions associated with epithelial damage.

Beta-carotene topical application in skin care products to improve the appearance of skin by restoring elasticity and makes skin look radiant.

Attributes as protective antioxidants beta carotene sun damage is used to prevent the signs of aging on the skin, and is also used in sunscreen.

Corrective nature of beta carotene used in skin creams to help heal scars, reduce skin irritation, itching and heal.

Beware of marketing tricks when buying skin care products. Manufacturers usually emphasizes words such as "antioxidants" when promoting their products.

Although general benefits of antioxidants is true, does not mean that the skin care product enough to give all the claimed effect.

To get the skin really healthy, also required the support of diet and discipline to live a healthy lifestyle.


Research conducted by the University of California Berkeley concluded that beta carotene should not be taken as a supplement by smokers even by ex-smokers.

Although beta-carotene from fruits and vegetables are considered safe, but the use of antioxidant supplements should consult with your doctor first.

Excessive intake of beta-carotene can make yellowish skin similar to the symptoms that appear in jaundice.