How to Maintain Hamster - Hamster Feeding Tips

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How to Maintain Hamster - Hamster Feeding Tips
How to Maintain Hamster - Hamster Feeding Tips - Many children like to keep hamsters because of her small and cute.

Keep hamsters do not require special treatment. Nevertheless, in order to stay healthy hamster, you should pay attention to their feed.

Giving proper hamster food will keep him healthy until natural death after the age of two to three years.

Main meals

Eighty percent of the diet should consist of hamster pellets sold in pet stores.

Avoid foods that contain whole grains. Protein from grains could disrupt the digestive system hamsters.

Give it about 1 tbsp. The main meal in a bowl. Place a small bowl in the corner that are not easily spill by hamsters.


Servings of snacks should not exceed 20 percent of the composition of hamster food.

Foods such as hay, leafy greens, and cauliflower are all examples of snacks that can be given. Hamsters also like different kinds of fruits.

Food to chew

One of the unique behaviors like chewing habit hamster is relentless.

Reason hamster chewing motions is always done because they incisors never stop growing.

Help the hamsters that his front teeth do not grow too long to give them something to chew on like a biscuit to a dog or a cat or a branch at least once a week.