How lemongrass Planting of Bulbs - Gardening Tips

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How lemongrass Planting of Bulbs - Gardening Tips
How lemongrass Planting of Bulbs - Gardening Tips - Serai (lemongrass) is a versatile herb that is used in the homeopathic treatment, the beauty and cleaning products, as well as a food seasoning.

Serai generally bred from bulbs. At this early stage, it is recommended to plant the bulbs in pots to be more easily monitored its development.

Once the new plant has strong roots, lemongrass can be moved into the garden or yard.

Here is how to grow lemongrass from tuber pieces:

1. Choose plants that will be grown lemon grass seeds. Loosen the soil around it with a shovel or hoe.

2. Place a shovel or hoe under the bulbs and lift from the ground carefully.

3. Wash soil attached to the roots with water.

4. Use a sharp knife to slice the bulbs with the size of approximately 5 cm. Wrap the bulbs that have been sliced ​​with a damp cloth to prevent it from drying out.

5. Replant the lemongrass plant grown along with the rest of the tuber into the same hole.

6. Fill a small pot (height approximately 10 cm) with three parts organic compost and one part grit.

7. Place the bulbs on the surface of the compost pieces. If you want to plant more than one bulb spacing between bulbs give at least 5 cm.

8. Sprinkle pieces of tubers with compost mix to 1 cm thick. Flush with water until a moist compost.

9. Wrap the pot with a clear plastic bag. Place the pot in a cool place and avoid direct sunlight.

10. Remove the plastic wrap after the first buds begin to appear.

11. Move the pot to a lighter but still avoid direct sunlight. Sprinkle pot with water regularly to keep the compost moist.

12. Move the lemongrass from seed in pots and planted in yard or garden after shoots 5 cm to 8 cm.