Maintaining Parakeets - 9 Tips on Buying a Parakeet Bird

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Maintaining Parakeets - 9 Tips on Buying a Parakeet Bird
Maintaining Parakeets - 9 Tips on Buying a Parakeet Bird - Parakeets are many bird species are maintained.

Before choosing what type of parakeet to be maintained, it helps you determine what factors to consider.

Here are some tips on choosing a parakeet you need to know:

1. Talk with other parakeet owners to obtain preliminary information with recommendations where you can buy a parakeet.

2. If possible, visit several farms parakeet that you can bring home the best bird.

3. Visit the store to see the pet parakeet from close.

4. Consider buying a parakeet that has grown even be more difficult than buying a parakeet trained younger (newly weaned).

5. Check the sex of the bird by seeing physical signs if parakeets are older than 6 months.

Female parakeet has a characteristic (the fleshy area above the beak near the nostrils) is brown, while the male parakeet has a characteristic dark blue.

6. Choose a male parakeet bird if you want a more active, or select a female if you want a quieter pet.

7. Selecting breeding birds (not captured from the wild) because usually the better pet.

8. Choose a parakeet that has the potential to be trained or trained tricks 'talk'.

9. Parakeets can live up to 10 years or more to maintain these birds requires a long-term commitment.

Additional Tips

You can guess by looking at the age of parakeets physical signs.

Young parakeets have a line under the forehead, and black-eyed.

Parakeet increases with age, the lines on the forehead and move to the head of a white ring appears around the pupil of the eye.

There are several types of parakeets, make sure do a little research to find out which type of parakeet you want to keep.