Facts and Information on Bird Parakeet - Maintaining Parakeets

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Facts and Information on Bird Parakeet - Maintaining Parakeets
Facts and Information on Bird Parakeet - Maintaining Parakeets  - Parakeets are sold in pet stores.

This animal is not included in the group of exotic bird cages and accessories so that the price can exceed the price of the bird.

Ideal parakeets maintained by those who want a pet at affordable prices, can be trained various tricks, even trained to 'speak'.


Parakeets are small birds that are relatives of the parakeet.

Feathers covering a variety of colors including green, red, blue, yellow, orange, and purple.

Tail of some species of parakeets and a short sized square, while the other type has a small tail and elongated.

Parakeet beak bent also resemble their relatives, a parakeet.

Parakeets are popular pets. Parrot is the most popular type of parakeet.

The famous animal intelligent, can be trained various tricks can be taught even to speak.


The average female parakeet lay eggs as many as five points. Eggs take about 18 to 20 days to hatch.

Parakeets can live 10 years or more, even in some rare cases, a parakeet can live up to 30 years.

The main meal consists of a parakeet seeds and fruits. In the wild, these birds make their nests in bushes or in trees.


One type is called a parakeet and a lovebird parakeet little of Africa.

Biggest parakeets often called slaty-headed who lived in India, Thailand, and Laos.

There is also a small parakeet species unique in that bed with your head hanging down like a bat that comes from Southeast Asia.