Maintaining Cats - 6 Tips Train Siamese cats

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Maintaining Cats - 6 Tips Train Siamese cats
Maintaining Cats - 6 Tips Train Siamese cats - Historically, Siamese cats are descendants of a cat sacrificed in the sacred temples in Siam, which is another name for Thailand.

Siamese cats are known for hospitality, their unique appearance, and the sound is more vocal than other cat breeds.

You can train Siamese cats to be able to use special boxes during urination (toilet training) and prevent destructive behavior such as chewing and spitting out saliva and feces around the house.

Here are tips and how to train the Siamese cat:

1. Feed the cat at the same time each day to regulate the digestive system and make sure the cat defecating around the same time.

Observe digestion time your pet Siamese cat.

Watch for signs if the cat wants defecation, such as scratching the floor or looking for hidden places such as behind the couch or under a table.

2. Place the cat in a special box pee when showing signs of a bowel movement.

Allow the cat to sniff around and get used to the box.

At first, the cat may not defecate in the box at every opportunity that has been provided, but he will learn about the location and purpose of the box.

3. Cover feces (urine or feces) with sand using your cat's claws after she pee.

Instinctively, cats will bury their urine or feces, but if this does not happen, you need to train it.

Train your cat with patience and transform this activity into a game so that your cat can enjoy the process of toilet training.

4. Give rewards for your cat if the toilet and bury the urine or stool.

5. Playing together for 20 to 30 minutes every day could channel the energy and reduce the possibility of Siamese cats do destructive behavior.

6. Provide a place for scratching and toys are safe for your Siamese cat, so she will not get bored while you're away.