Tips on How to Put the rabbit in order not Fight Each Other

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Tips on How to Put the rabbit in order not Fight Each Other
Tips on How to Put the rabbit in order not Fight Each Other - Who does not know with rabbits. This adorable pet that would be familiar to you.

Maybe you want to keep more than one rabbit in order to breed or as a playmate for an existing rabbit.

To unify some rabbits need its own tricks to keep them fighting.

Here are tips on how to introduce rabbits to each other:

1. Take the old rabbit and place in a neutral place, a place that has not been marked as his territory. You can put a rabbit in a dry bathroom or bedroom.

2. Keep rabbits from a smooth surface by placing a rubber carpet lined flannel, fabric usually used for baby blanket, on the floor of the room you want.

Close the shower, tub, toilet, and existing cabinet in the bathroom, if you put a rabbit in the bathroom.

3. Ask another family member who is an adult to help you keep an eye on the rabbit. So, you and other family members watched each one rabbit.

4. Place all the rabbits in one room and let them interact with each other. Keep an eye on the close, and everyone prepares to take rabbits if they fight each other.

5. Talk to the rabbit calmly and praise when they behave well. Push the rabbit to be nice with the other rabbits. Quite a few people who speak that rabbits do not get confused.

6. Speak loudly and clearly if the rabbit starts a fight, saying "Do not fight, can not bite each other!" Clapping loudly.

7. Separate rabbits are fighting with frying pan lid. You can also separate them by hand if using thick gloves to protect from rabbits bite.

Rabbits have very sharp teeth so if you do not use protection, you could be bitten and hand injuries.

8. If all is fine, continue for 10 to 15 minutes. However, if the rabbit fierce fighting with immediately stop this process.

9. Repeat this process of introduction of about 10 to 15 minutes every day, until they started to get along when placed together.

10. After starting to get along, put a rabbit in a cage or a neutral playground. If they get along, let them remain in the cage for a few hours. Look carefully, do not let them alone.

11. After the rabbits get along with each other at home and play a neutral area, put them in an actual cage. Pay attention to your rabbit, if they get along at home means they are bound.

12. Put the rabbit in the area play simultaneously. Let them run around for some time, while continuing to watch.

If the rabbit still get along, then the introduction process is complete and you can leave them alone when assured that they will not fight when you go.