Herbal Tips - How to Extract Oil of Lemon

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Herbal Tips - How to Extract Oil of Lemon
Herbal Tips - How to Extract Oil of Lemon - Lemon oil is not only beneficial for the food but also has health benefits.

Various types of digestive problems, anxiety, respiratory infections, high blood pressure, and sore throat can be treated with lemon oil.

Lemon oil stimulates the formation of leukocytes or white blood cells, which help the body in fighting infectious diseases.

Lemon oil is also effective to strengthen the nails, clean the skin, and improve memory function.

Here is how to extract oil from lemon:

1. Peel the lemon peel by hand or peeler if necessary. Place the lemon zest into the glass clean.

2. Pour olive oil (extra virgin olive oil) into a glass of lemon zest until completely submerged. Then close the bottle tightly.

3. Allow the mixture to stand for two to three weeks. Shake the mixture every day so that the solution does not precipitate.

4. After 2 to 3 weeks, discard lemon peel and strain the solution to separate it from dirt and sediment.

You can now use lemon oil for cooking, cleaning a variety of goods, or as medicine.