Facts and Information about Siamese Cats - Tips Pets

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Facts and Information about Siamese Cats - Tips Pets
Facts and Information about Siamese Cats - Tips Pets - Siamese cats are animals commonly kept in the whole world.

Siamese cat recognized the look is sleek and distinctive meow sound.

Siamese cat originated from Thailand, formerly known as Siam anyway.

Siamese cats were introduced to the western world in the late 1800s.


Siamese cat has a slender body with long legs and a tail with blue eyes.

Short haired Siamese cat and a recognized marker of fur on the legs, tail, or face purple, blue, lynx, red, or brown.

Siamese male cat weighing between 4-7 kg while females range from 5 kg.

The average male Siamese cats grow to as high as 60 cm height 53 cm were females.

With increasing age, hair color Siamese cat will generally darken.


In general, the Siamese cat is cat-friendly. They are known from the sound variations that range from soft to hard.

Siamese cats are also recognizable by its intelligent, curious, and agility.

Siamese cat suit with parents and children alike.

With early socialization, Siamese cats can live with other pets, including dogs.


Siamese cats generally be aged up to 13 years, however, with a healthy diet and good care can live up to 17 years.

In some cases, they can even go beyond the age of 20 years. Siamese cats are not known to have many health problems.

The most frequent health problems arise such as kidney problems, heart disease, hernia, tail bent (kinked tail), and crossed eyes.


Siamese cat fur is short make it relatively easy to maintain.

To keep the Siamese cat in top condition, regular bathing is needed (approximately once a month).

Siamese cat fur should be brushed at least two times a month.

Brushing should not be too complicated because their fur is short so it does not wrinkle.

Negative side

Siamese cat is an animal that is easily maintained. But that does not mean Siamese cats do not have the negative side.

If you want to have a quiet pet, a Siamese cat may not be so ideal.

Siamese cats can be stubborn and demanding as he emits a loud meow.

For owners who are not often in the house, Siamese cats may be less suitable.

Siamese cats are generally wanted company and require a lot of attention.