Iodine Allergy Symptoms - Tips for Safe Consumption of Iodine

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Iodine Allergy Symptoms - Tips for Safe Consumption of Iodine
Although the body uses iodine to produce hormones, such as thyroxine hormone produced by the thyroid gland, but some people are allergic to iodine.

In fact, people who are allergic to shellfish or other seafood that contains iodine is usually more likely allergic to iodine.

Here are some of the symptoms of iodine allergy:

1. Thyroid problems

Someone who is allergic to iodine may be having problems with the thyroid because her body is not able to receive the necessary iodine to produce the hormones needed.

If the body is deficient in these hormones, it can cause constipation problems, weakness, obesity, and mental disorders.

2. Soft Tissue Swelling

One sign of allergy is swelling of the soft tissues such as the mouth, lips, tongue, and throat.

Swollen throat can be dangerous because it can clog the airways and cause difficulty breathing.

3. Swelling of External and Internal

External swelling (occurring outside the body) allergic reaction commonly accompanies iodine. In addition, internal swelling can also occur and cause symptoms such as vomiting, coughing wheezing, and diarrhea.

4. Eyes and Nose

Some indications are allergic to iodine which are typical symptoms such as red eyes, itchy, and watery and runny nose.

5. shock

In the extreme case, one could even anaphylactic shock which is generally characterized by respiratory failure, low blood pressure, and even loss of consciousness.

In this case, the patient should immediately seek treatment from health professionals.