5 Tips on How to Increase Estrogen Hormone Levels in Women

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5 Tips on How to Increase Estrogen Hormone Levels in Women
5 Tips on How to Increase Estrogen Hormone Levels in Women - there are several reasons that make someone want to increase estrogen levels.

Some of these reasons include damage to the pituitary gland so that a person requires extra estrogen hormones to balance the reproductive system.

Similarly, when a woman wants to get pregnant but the doctor says that estrogen levels are too low.

Many women also need the hormone estrogen during menopause, or to help regulate their menstrual periods.

Whatever the case, the female reproductive hormone estrogen is the most important and set a lot of things from pregnancy to memory.

Here are 5 tips to increase levels of the hormone estrogen in the body:

1. Estrogen drugs

Your doctor may prescribe medications that can help increase estrogen. Drugs can be administered by injection or orally.

The drug can stimulate the production of estrogen and estrogen replace the no longer produced naturally by the body.

2. Enhance Weight Loss

Malnutrition will stop the production of estrogen in the body.

Low weight (low fat percentage) will decrease the production of this important hormone.

Consult with your doctor about weight and eating habits, to determine whether weight reduction in estrogen production factor.

3. Eat Lots of Soy

According to some studies, natural foods such as soy could help improve the production of the hormone estrogen.

However, food can not fix severe estrogen deficiency, so be sure to discuss dietary changes with your doctor.

4. Using Contraceptive Drugs

Besides being used as birth control, contraceptive drugs can also be used to help regulate the production and metabolism of estrogen.

Some oral contraceptives containing estrogen and progesterone, are other medications containing estrogen only.

Consult with your doctor to choose the right contraceptive drugs.

5. Estrogen supplements

Consider using estrogen supplements. This is a popular choice for people who prefer natural or holistic way to increase estrogen.

Estrogen supplement usually contain herbs and proteins that assist in the production of estrogen and other female hormones, as well as relatively more affordable than other treatments.