Tips to Stay Healthy Bones - Vitamin K is important for bone formation

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Tips to Stay Healthy Bones - Vitamin K is important for bone formation
Vitamin K plays an important role in bone metabolism. This vitamin is necessary to ensure the establishment of strong and healthy bones.

Bone loss is a problem faced by millions of people. Problems arise when the bones become brittle and easily broken.

In the elderly, other problems can arise, namely the occurrence of bone shortening.

Getting enough vitamin K is one way to ensure healthy bone to grow.

Besides functioning maintaining bone health, vitamin K is also required in the process of blood clotting.

But be careful, excess vitamin K supplementation may increase the likelihood of clotting, so excessive clotting occurs.

Interestingly , vitamin K was able to ' govern themselves' . When blood vessels are intact (no injuries ) , inhibit clotting vitamin K , but when a blood vessel is damaged ( due to injury ) , vitamin K promotes blood clotting .

So , make sure your intake of vitamin K is sufficient to ensure a variety of processes in the body running well .

As already highlighted previously , vitamin K is important for bone formation and blood clotting .

So , where we can find vitamin K ? Vitamin K are found mainly in green leafy vegetables .

But most of us are probably not getting enough green vegetables .

To overcome this , you may need to turn on the plant that contains vitamin K , so no need to consume large amounts of vegetables , the need for this vitamin are being met.

One source of vitamin K is the Moringa oleifera plant . This plant is often referred to as the " Miracle Tree " because of its healing properties .