Morning Sickness: Tips on How to Relieve Morning Sickness While Pregnant with Meditation

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 Relieve Morning Sickness
Morning sickness affects more than 70% of pregnant women each year.

Nausea due to morning sickness usually resolves after the first trimester, but for some women can last throughout your pregnancy.

The nausea will cause a decrease in appetite that could endanger the mother and fetus.

There are various herbal medicines and can relieve morning sickness.

But there is an alternative method that is safe and free. This method is called the Focused Meditation (FM).

If done correctly, focused meditation can relieve morning sickness in just a few minutes.

How to Work Focused Meditation

Meditation works by shifting the focus of daily thoughts by concentrating on a particular word or phrase.

In the case of morning sickness, focused meditation to train your mind and body to respond differently to changes that occur in the body.

As is known, during pregnancy, physical changes, hormonal, and emotional significance.

Focused meditation should be done by incorporating 4 key elements: (1) conducted in a quiet location, (2) is done in a comfortable position, (3) focusing attention, and (4) is done with an open mind.

How to Perform Focused Meditation

First, select a word or phrase. You can also use a prayer, affirmation, or sound. Examples of words that can be selected is 'peace'.

Next, choose a quiet location. Take a comfortable position, either by sitting in a chair or on the floor. Loosen all the muscles of the body.

Focus on your breathing by concentrating while inhaling and exhaling. Pay attention to your breathing rhythm.

Focus on the words or phrases you have chosen.

Inhale through your nose and exhale through the mouth. When the inhalation and exhalation, repeat a word or phrase and keep focused.

To help focus, you can close your eyes. Keep your mind open, get rid of anxiety and anxiety.

Meditate for at least 10 minutes. You can open your eyes to check the time, but it is recommended to not use an alarm.

When completed, still sitting idle for a few minutes before moving.

When performing this technique, do not worry about whether you are doing it right or not. Just try to stay focused and relaxed.

When disturbed concentration, try to ignore it and try to re-focus.

Conducted focused meditation for 10 minutes 2 times a day will usually show results in reduced morning sickness after 2 days.