Liver Healthy Tips - Knowing 4 Stage Liver Cirrhosis

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Liver Healthy Tips - Knowing 4 Stage Liver Cirrhosis
Liver cirrhosis is a condition that does not just happen, it requires various stages.

Cirrhosis recognize as early as possible means that will simplify maintenance and minimize the damage to the liver.

Here is a four-stage cirrhosis who need to know:

stage One

During the early phase of liver cirrhosis, patients generally had fewer symptoms only.

These symptoms include fatigue, dry mouth, jaundice, enlargement or right upper abdominal pain, and itching all over the body.

If liver function tests abnormal results, biopsies should be taken. Staging of cirrhosis more accurately be made ​​after seeing the results of the biopsy.

In the first stage, the abnormal tissue and inflammation has started happening in the liver. Inflammation is especially true in the area around the bile duct, portal vein and the hepatic artery.

stage Two

When cirrhosis of the liver began to enter into the second stage, starting form the strands of abnormal tissue stiffness, a condition known as fibrosis.

At this stage the inflammation has spread to the area surrounding the portal and periportal areas.

stage Three

The third stage is characterized by the union of fibrosis. This will cause the affected area to be enlarged.

The condition can lead to degradation of liver function, such as reducing the liver's ability to digest fats and absorb fat-soluble vitamins.

stage Four

The fourth stage is the end-stage liver cirrhosis. Patients in this stage generally requires a transplant day. Without a transplant, longer life expectancy will usually be less than 10 years.