How To Maintain Freshness of Cut Flowers with Aspirin

By on 5:16 AM
How To Maintain Freshness of Cut Flowers with Aspirin
Dissolving aspirin or salicylic acid into the water to cut flowers fresh longer has become a common method used.

How can aspirin preserve cut flowers?

Aspirin is able to make the water acidic which prevents bacterial growth even believed to boost the immune response of interest.

Research by Iowa State University found that the citric acid in the aspirin dissolved in water is an effective preservative for cut flowers.

Here are the steps to preserve cut flowers with the help of aspirin.

1. Crush an aspirin tablet into a powder. You can grind the aspirin use traditional two spoons. Aspirin powder capacity in the empty glass.

2. Pour into a glass of warm water and stir until the powder is fully dissolved aspirin. Let the water cool to room temperature.

3. Cut the bottom end of the flower stems diagonally with a sharp knife or scissors.

Perform cut flowers when immersed in water to prevent air bubbles trapped in the trunk.

4. Place the cut flowers in a vase or container and add cold water. Mix a solution of aspirin that had been prepared beforehand.

After that, place the flowers in a cool place and avoid sunlight.

5. Change the water every day and do not forget to add the aspirin solution. Cut flower stems 2.5 cm along the bottom every time you change the water.