Know the Symptoms of Epilepsy in Children - Tips Anti Epilepsy

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Symptoms of Epilepsy in Children
Epilepsy (epilepsy) can be difficult to diagnose in children because they can not express what they are feeling or experiencing.

Symptoms that arise could be regarded as a symptom of other conditions, so for months or even years not diagnosed correctly.

Symptoms that appear in each child will vary and depend on the type of epilepsy suffered.

Therefore it is very important to recognize the symptoms of epilepsy in children.

Epilepsy is not addressed promptly can lead to children being incapable of learning and behavior problems as well as social.

Here are some of the symptoms of epilepsy that can arise in children:

1. Eye gaze Empty

If the child stops doing what he was doing and stared with a blank stare like daydreaming, parents must be vigilant. This phenomenon is referred to as petit mal seizures (petit mal seizure).

Arm or the child's head may seem weak, but this type of seizure usually will not cause the child to fall down or lose consciousness.

After the seizure ends (place within 30 seconds to one minute) the child will not realize what has happened.

2. Total seizures (convulsions Total)

Grand mal seizures (grand mal seizures) are seizures cause total body. This seizure is the most serious seizure. Total seizures will cause the child to fall to the ground and lost consciousness.

Total seizure usually lasts about 2 to 5 minutes. During the last seizure the child's body will be stiff and shaking uncontrollably.

Children may lose control of his bladder, so that urine out without realizing it. Furthermore, saliva may also be out with the children eyeballs rotate backwards.

After the seizure ends, the child will be confused for a few minutes, the muscles become sore and will be asleep for a long time.

3. Twitch (twitching)

Although twitch can appear in various types of epilepsy, but it will be seen more clearly in focal epilepsy.

Twitch is usually localized, likely began in the fingers or palm of the hand.

Then it will get worse, and spread quickly to the arm and then spread to the entire body part or a twitch. Some children remain conscious, but others will lose consciousness when experiencing these symptoms.

4. aura

Aura considered a warning sign. Aura occurs just prior to seizure took place.

An aura can cause a child suddenly felt sick for no reason, hearing sounds that are not real, or that there is no smell source.

Children will also have problems with vision or somewhere strange feeling in parts of his body, especially on her belly.

Although children may not recognize the warning signs as aura, as time goes by you will be able to connect with the early signs of seizures.