Side Effects on the Body Due to Epilepsy - Tips Epilepsy

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Side Effects on the Body Due to Epilepsy - Tips Epilepsy
Here are some of the side effects that may show up on the body if you suffer from epilepsy (epilepsy):

1. Epilepsy can cause loss of control of the muscles of the body.

Epilepsy can cause severe muscle spasms.

While having a seizure, the patient may fall to the ground because his muscles tighten unnoticed.

There is a chance the patient will bite her tongue because her teeth clenched as seizures. Bladder and bowel control will also be lost during the seizure.

After having a seizure, the patient will feel pain in the whole body and feel limp in his arms and legs.

2. Epilepsy can inhibit the ability of perceptual or motor skills.

One cerebral hemisphere consists of parts that are not dominant and dominant.

Babies who are just starting to develop coordination in the development stage will sensorimotorik vulnerable to the effects of epileptic seizures.

If children suffer from disorders in the brain hemisphere that is not dominant during childhood, the development of motor skills may be affected.

In addition, the child may have difficulty interpreting visual data. For example, when shown a photograph a person's face, the child can recognize the individual characteristics but failed to conclude that these traits are part of a larger whole.

Some babies who suffer from epileptic seizures later in life may be diagnosed with emotional disorders, such as autism or hyperactivity.

3. Various complications can arise due to epilepsy.

Some of the complications caused by an epileptic seizure can occur. Because epileptic seizures are rarely preceded by warning signs, its presence could endanger the people who are suffering.

For example, if a seizure occurs when the patient was cooking in the kitchen, then she might burn on the stove because it falls during seizures.

If a seizure occurs while walking down the stairs, waking the patient will probably find himself bleeding and bruises from falls during seizures arise.

Even in certain circumstances, at the time of seizure patients inadvertently inhaling liquids into the lungs causing aspiration pneumonia.

4. Used as an anticonvulsant epilepsy medication can cause enegatif effects on the body.

Sometimes medications can cause effects that are worse than the disease who want to be cured by the drug.

An example is an anticonvulsant drug used to counter the impact of epilepsy.

Setback or intellectual decline can occur in children who drank toxic doses of anticonvulsant drugs.

Possible side effects include complications of pregnancy. Therefore, this drug should be prescribed with caution.

Despite showing a positive function, but anticonvulsants may cause weight gain, kidney stones, or acute glaucoma.