Constipation Can Cause Colon Cancer - Causes of Colon Cancer

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Causes of Colon Cancer
In 1911, Dr. Alexis Carrel received a Nobel Prize for his research on the growth of tissue cells.

He found that the waste should be disposed in the body smoothly so that tissue cells remain alive.

This conclusion suggests that any waste produced by the body must be removed every day to maintain health remains good.

Special to the waste from the large intestine, we should be able to defecate every day to ensure the soundness is maintained.

Many doctors say bowel movement every two days is still considered normal.

But the problem will arise if the frequency of bowel movements occur only every 3-4 days.

Difficult bowel movements or constipation (constipation) can increase the risk of heart attack, colon cancer, hemorrhoids, and other diseases.

Dirt that stay long in the colon can lead to the proliferation of bacteria which can cause irritation and inflammation of the intestinal wall. Edges, then it can lead to cancer of the colon.

One more thing, constipation can lead to bacteria and toxic waste into the small intestine which then enter the bloodstream. Bacterial toxins can then cause inflammation throughout the body.

Only by increasing the amount of fiber you eat daily can dramatically reduce constipation and reduce the risk of colon cancer and many other intestinal diseases.

Here's fiber services in your colon:

* Increase the size of the dirt

* Source of food for the good bacteria

* Traps carcinogen so it does not accumulate in the gut wall

* Reduce the amount of bile salts are converted to carcinogens by bad bacteria

* Make a slightly acidic pH in the gut bacteria that support good

* Streamlining expenses dirt

* Traps water so that the dirt does not harden

Add fiber foods such as vegetables and fruit ingredients in your daily diet.

Only with a few simple steps, you will avoid constipation and other risks are more dire: colon cancer.