How to Prevent Cancer: Vitamin B Could Prevent Lung Cancer

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How to Prevent Cancer: Vitamin B Could Prevent Lung Cancer
Lung cancer is a disease that can be life-threatening and include the most common cancer suffered around the world.

Avoiding sm*king and exposure to carcinogens is a wise action to prevent lung cancer.

A recent study states that a certain type of diet that contain vitamin B can also help prevent lung cancer.

This study was conducted in France with funding from World Cancer Research Fund and the European Commission.

The research is based on the fact that Vitamin B regulates the synthesis of genes have functions and maintain the integrity of DNA in the cell body.

Any disruption in the function of a gene can invite carcinogenesis (cancer development process).

The study included 519 978 participants were asked to fill out a standard questionnaire with questions about their diet. Of this number, 385 747 participants provided blood samples.

Participants were divided into two groups: Case: people with lung cancer and control: who does not have cancer.

The researchers measured the content of various B vitamins including vitamin B2, B6, B9, and B12, in a blood sample and a chemical called cotinine (an indicator of sm*king intensity).

In the first group (cases) contained levels of vitamin B in the same blood between ex-sm*kers and never-sm*kers. But this B vitamin levels were lower in active sm*kers.

Sm*kers also have a blood level of vitamin B6, B9 and B12 lower than non-sm*kers.

Of the study observed a decline in lung cancer risk with increasing vitamin B6 and methionine in the blood.

The researchers concluded vitamin B6 and methionine may reduce the risk of lung cancer by about 50%.