Healthy Bones Tips: Know the Signs & Symptoms of Osteoporosis

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Healthy Bones Tips: Know the Signs & Symptoms of Osteoporosis
The aging process is a part of the life cycle that can not be avoided. Unfortunately, aging can lead to weakened and brittle bones called osteoporosis.

Bone condition that causes weak bones fragile and very susceptible to fractures or broken bones.

Here are the signs of osteoporosis:

1. fracture

Many people who do not know that they have osteoporosis until fracture.

Fractures caused by osteoporosis can occur due to perform activities in normal conditions would not cause a bone fracture.

Hip fractures are the most common events experienced by patients with osteoporosis due to falls.

Compression fractures are also common, especially in the spine.

2. Dowager's Hump

Dowager's hump can occur in men or women who have osteoporosis. Dowager's hump is usually caused by compression of the spine.

This condition causes the spine to bend forward, resulting in a hump in the upper back. Dowager's hump can be prevented by prevention of osteoporosis.

3. Shrinking Height

Depreciation or reduction in height is caused by damage to the spinal cord due to compression fractures. Height both in men and women could shrink due to osteoporosis.

This process can last for years and cause pain. Chronic low back pain can even become one of the indicators shrinkage height and osteoporosis

4. stress Fractures

Stress fractures are fractures that occur due to perform daily activities, such as walking.

These fractures are very small and not so severe that some people may not realize that they have a broken bone until finally the pain arises.

Stress fractures can also cause other problems after the fracture has healed, such as arthritis.