3 Benefits of Lutein for Eyes Vision - Eye Health Tips

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3 Benefits of Lutein for Eyes Vision - Eye Health Tips
As people age, visual function will decrease.

This condition is known as macular degeneration. In severe cases, this condition can lead to blindness.

One way to correct this condition is to consume enough lutein.

Here are 3 benefits of lutein for eye health and visual functions:

1. Lutein Protects Vision Function

Food or multivitamins that contain carotenoids lutein will give the body naturally.

Carotenoids are active ingredients as found in carrots that can act as a shield to protect the eye damage.

Lutein helps protect the retina damage as we age to maintain visual function is the optimal level.

2. prevent Cataracts

Cataract is a condition experienced primarily by those who have elderly. Cataract causes blurred vision due to the muddy layer formation in the eye.

Lutein in sufficient doses can prevent this condition occurs.

After one or two weeks of taking lutein supplements, improvements in visual function should have been set in motion.

3. strengthen Retina

Retinal function will decrease as we age or when short on nutrients.

Be sure to protect your eyes from direct sunlight. In addition, foods or multivitamin supplements containing lutein protects the retina so as to maintain eye health.