5 Ways to Handle Anemia during Pregnancy - Healthy Pregnancy Tips

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5 Ways to Handle Anemia during Pregnancy - Healthy Pregnancy Tips
Anemia is usually easy to handle, it's just that the pregnancy will affect the type of treatment and care that must be done.

Iron is essential for infant growth while contributing to the health and energy of the mother.

Anemia during pregnancy is quite common. Here are tips for treating anemia in pregnancy:

1. Complete blood count.

Perform complete blood count (complete blood count) to find out if you are anemic or not.

If positive results are anemic, you can quickly determine the best way to handle it.

Red blood cell count was very low indicating that pregnant women need extra supplements to ensure a healthy development of the baby.

2. Consultation with a physician.

The majority of oral medications prescribed to treat anemia during pregnancy is safe for use under medical supervision origin.

In addition to the condition of the womb, doctors could also evaluate the overall health condition and decide whether treatment of anemia should be done as soon as possible or can wait after childbirth.

3. Changing diet.

Doing a little change of diet can have a big impact on the number of red blood cells. Foods rich in iron, such as meat, tofu, and grains, will be very helpful.

However, vitamin C and folic acid also helps activate the iron in the blood stream.

4. Iron supplements.

You can take iron supplements if you feel you are a bad diet or a strict vegetarian.

The doctor will prescribe iron supplements if needed, especially in the case of serious anemia.

Pregnant women should be under a doctor's supervision when taking iron supplements because these supplements can cause nausea, constipation, and other secondary effects.

5. Multivitamin supplements.

You can also take a multivitamin supplement because many cases of anemia caused by a lack of variety of minerals and vitamins in the body, and not just iron deficiency.

By balancing the intake of minerals and vitamins, anemia can be more easily dealt with quickly and appropriately.