Healthy yoga tips: 14 procedures before and during the yoga practice

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procedures before and during the yoga practice
There are many guidelines, guides and steps should be taken before doing yoga.

The following is a summary of the main points that should be done by beginners, but can also be used as a reminder for experienced yoga practitioners.

1. Relax by leaning back for two or three minutes before starting yoga.

2. Perform each movement with calm, with no tension. Keep breathing through your nose at all positions (except pose Shavasana).

3. Do not hold your breath too long or too deep breathing. Do not hang on too long is also a certain posture.

4. Finished pose on a posture every time began to feel uncomfortable (not forced).

5. Do yoga on an empty stomach, four hours after a heavy meal, two hours after a light meal, 10 to 15 minutes after drinking.

6. Before starting the Asanas, important to recognize your body's ability. Never force posture if the body did not able to do so. Just relax, yoga is not a competitive sport.

7. Prior to any posture, check illustrations / pictures carefully to angle, shape, position of the fingers, hands, arms, toes, ankles, legs, and head. Beginners are advised not to practice without guidance.

8. When pregnant, or have recently had surgery, or have heart problems, spinal, joint, or high blood pressure, consult teachers about yoga postures should be avoided.

9. Practice yoga on a mat in a well ventilated room.

10. Rest after doing a posture to fatigue disappear.

11. If you do not have time to do all the poses, select at least one standing pose, a pose stomach, one or two strain forward and backward, and a sitting pose. At the next opportunity, do the rest pose.

12. End the asana practice with relaxation poses like Shavasana.

13. Progress may be slow, but over time your body will become more flexible.

14. In order to progress more quickly, guided practice with a qualified yoga teacher. Try to be a vegetarian and meditate at least five minutes every day.