Tips Ayurveda: Ayurveda Basic Philosophy 1 uniqueness Individuals

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Ayurveda Basic Philosophy 1 uniqueness Individuals
Ayurveda looked every individual is unique.

Each individual coined the mind-body constitution and a unique set of unique life cycle.

Everything that should be carefully considered in determining the approach to natural healing or in the way of daily life.

This view is in line with modern science which views each individual in the universe is unique, with unique DNA also.

According to Ayurveda, because each individual has a unique constitution, the prescription for each individual health must also be unique.

This means that to be healthy, you need to eat certain foods that are beneficial and suitable to your body type and leaves that do not fit. Exercise program that you do also have to conform.

The Constitution determines so much about the body, the personality, and even the way you relate to others. This understanding allows you to know what it takes to be healthy.